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March 2006

Hot chocolate
Third anniversary issue

hot chocolate champagne
Yummy Northwest photo

Ah! Chocolate! It's something special. Readers give their opinions on the best.

[more here]
March 2006

Quick links
Here are links mentioned in the March 2006 .pdf format:

Amore Chocolates, Bellevue, Wash.

Angelina's, Paris

Arosa Café, Seattle, Wash.

Chocolate Bar at Harrod's, London

Chocolate Society, London

Chocolati Cafés, Seattle, Wash.

Dilettante Mocha Café, Seattle, Wash.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co., Portland, Ore.

Plymouth Café, Seattle, Wash.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Boulder, Colo.

Wild Wheat Bakery and Café, Kent, Wash.

Zeitgeist, Seattle, Wash.

Zell's, Portland, Ore.


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