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September 2007


cup of coffee
Yummy Northwest photo - taken at Wild Wheat Bakery and Café, Kent, Wash.

From green beans to roasting to the fine art of foam, Yummy Northwest explores the aromatic world of coffee.

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September 2007

Quick links
Here are live links for sites mentioned in the September 2007 .pdf format:

Coffee calculator - how much are you spending for coffee?

CoffeeGeek.com - learn the art of foam

Sweet Maria's - buy green beans and get lots of information about roasting

Sweet Maria's shows you how to roast beans with a popcorn popper (and other methods)

Wet Your Whistle Tour of Seattle

Wild Wheat Bakery and Café (202 First Ave. S., Kent, Wash.; tel. 253-856-8919)

Kona coffee

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Brands: a couple recommended by readers

Greenwell Farms

Kona Joe


Caffeine - a comparison
(per 5 ounces - except espresso)



Brewed coffee (drip method)

115 mg

Instant coffee

 65 mg

Espresso (1 ounce)

 40 mg

Decaffeinated coffee

  3 mg

Brewed tea

 40 mg

Instant tea

 30 mg

Hot chocolate

 10 mg


 20 mg

Note: These numbers are approximate. The following affect caffeine content:

  • coffee beans: variety, where grown, growing conditions, storage
  • tea: length of brewing
  • hot chocolate: how it is made and type of chocolate used


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