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June 2008


vegan banana bread
Yummy Northwest photo - Cherry-Walnut Banana Bread,
recipe courtesy of FatFree Vegan Kitchen

Cherries! Sweet, sour, maraschino, chokecherries....we explore them
all in this month's Yummy Northwest.

[more here]
June 2008

Also enjoy an article about cherries by The Growing Gardener.

Quick links
Here are live links for sites mentioned in the June 2008 .pdf format:

Cherry-Walnut Banana Bread recipe

Choose Cherries (article on jet lag)

Chukar Cherries

Flathead Lake Cherry Growers

Hood River Fruit Loop

Kimmerly Orchard

National Cherry Growers and Industries Foundation

Northwest Cherries

Olmstead Orchards

The Orchard at Flathead Lake (their dried cherries were used in the banana bread - yum)


2008 Cherry Festivals

April 18-27
Cherry Sunsation/Northwest Cherry Festival, The Dalles, Ore.

April 25-27
Granger Cherry Festival, Granger, Wash.

May 10
Flathead Cherry Festival, Polson, Mont.

June 11-14
Emmett Cherry Festival, Emmett, Idaho

July 3-6
Cherry Celebration, Hood River Valley, Ore.

July 5
Cherry Festival, Yakima, Wash.

July 19-20
Polson Cherry Festival, Polson, Mont.

September 6
Montana Chokecherry Festival, Lewistown, Mont.


Cherry nutrients - a comparison (per 100 grams)
Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference







Vitamin A

Vitamin C


0.8 g

4.8 g

11.2 mg

0.1 mg

86.5 mg

 12 IU

0.2 mg

canned, drained

0.22 g

3.2 g

54 mg

0.43 mg

21 mg

 45 UI

0.0 mg


 1 g

1.6 g

16 mg

0.32 mg

173 mg

1283 UI

10 mg


1.06 g

2.1 g

13 mg

0.36 mg

222 mg

 64 UI

 7 mg


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