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June 2013

Mary's Modern Homemaking

Biokleen: Getting the Dirt Out
By Mary Frances

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As many of you know, I prefer to clean my house naturally—using nontoxic products that are "green" and that leave as small a footprint as possible. I want my home to be safe for all my family. After all, if something is in my kitchen, it should be safe to have around foods—and people.

Alas, trouble brews when you do not live alone! And in my house it bubbled over like a huge pot of boiling water.

One day my husband found my stash of baking soda. He said, "TEN pounds of baking soda! Is that really necessary?"

Yes, dear, I replied. After all, I use it for more than baking. It is good for scrubbing toilets, sinks, and counter tops, among other things.

But my husband had his doubts: "If its purpose is for cooking, how clean can it get something?"

Then there's my son, who finds the smell of vinegar absolutely repulsive and says it makes his stomach churn: "Mom, stop using that, I'm about to throw up."

So we reached an agreement. I promised to find something eco-friendly and let them approve it.

While I love Amway products, they are hard to come by. So I explored a local strip mall, where there are a lot of stores providing a good choice of cleaning products.

Mrs. Meyer's products are mostly for the laundry room but do offer a variety of scents.

Seventh Generation has a large variety of products for all around the house, even some baby-care items. The problem I personally have with them is that this line is created by a large company that for years made products with harsh chemicals in them. I wonder if they really care about our environment or if their eco-friendly line is just another way to expand their customer base.

Then I discovered that Biokleen home products have the selection I was looking for. The company is family owned, and the home office is located in Vancouver, Washington. So I decided to first try the Biokleen Laundry Powder.

In the meantime, I did more research into this company. I learned it was started in 1989 by Jim Rimer. Rimer was a salesman for an industrial cleaning company. In his role training janitors and carpet cleaners, he saw firsthand what side effects harsh chemicals had; chemicals that were suspected of having a role in allergies, asthma, and even life-threatening diseases. When he spoke out about his findings, the company let him go. So he created Biokleen, with cleaning products for both the home and industrial use. I figured if his concern got him fired, that was good enough for me. So I decided to try more products.

In the kitchen I have two products that I have found most useful. Only a little drop of Biokleen Natural Dish Liquid does the job and creates a sink full of bubbles. Biokleen Produce Wash is not limited only to fruits and veggies. It is also great to use as hand soap and for cleaning plastic food storage containers, the refrigerator, counter tops, and cutting boards.

In the laundry room I use the laundry powder, but there is also a laundry liquid. Either way, only 1/8–1/4 cup will do the job for most loads. The laundry products are also safe for high-efficiency washers.

An excellent alternative to bleach is their Oxygen Bleach Plus. Just add 2 tablespoons with your detergent: brightness and whiteness without the harmful fumes of chlorine. For stains, mix 2 to 4 tablespoons with 16 ounces of water. Pour onto the stain, let sit for 1 to 5 minutes, then blot with a towel and rinse. Wash as usual.



Finally, I want to rave about their Bac-Out products. The stain and odor remover is a must-have, especially for pet lovers. It removes stains from carpets, diapers, and any stained fabric surface. It's perfect for bathroom, garbage cans, diaper pails, and the stinkiest of them all: the garbage disposal.

I am so very glad that our home is becoming more eco-friendly. Our five acres is home to more than just our family: tree frogs, deer, elk, coyotes, and many other animals live here, too. Because all Biokleen products are safe for the septic system, I can rest assured that what comes out of my septic system won't pollute the land or the well.


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Mary Frances lives in Ravensdale, Washington, and loves finding healthy ways to keep her castle clean. She believes that what we clean with can be just as important to our health as what we eat. When she's not cleaning, Mary Frances battles the blackberry vines in her yard. Also enjoy Mary Frances's blog, All American Gal.


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