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May 2014

Mary's Modern Homemaking

Fun and Feasting at Snoqualmie Falls
By Mary Frances

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Not far from the hustle and bustle of Seattle lies a quaint little town known as Snoqualmie. Some of you may recognize it from the weekly TV series, "Twin Peaks."

"Twin Peaks" was filmed in and around the town of Snoqualmie. I'd like to take you on a tour of Snoqualmie Falls, one of the major locations for exterior filming.

Just 30 miles east of Seattle, tucked away from it all is the beautiful Salish Lodge and Spa. This is a great place to spend the night or a weekend. Enjoy the finest foods the Northwest has to offer.

How about a few hours relaxing at the spa? Enjoy a much-needed massage. Make your feet and hands pretty with a manicure. Or for something unique, try Sodashi (Sanskrit for wholeness, purity, and radiance). The spa has products and spa therapies that use natural ingredients from the earth and sea, including Honey from Heaven for the Hands and Feet and a full-body Honey and Oatmeal Body Scrub. Check the spa website for details.

Maybe you just need a bit of fresh air for the day. A nice hike will do. There are many hiking trails. This is a pet-friendly area as well, including an off-leash park with access to the river. Bring Fido for a hike and swim on a warm summer day.

And while you're walking around, read the signs to discover fascinating facts about the area.



Love history? Come and learn about the very first underground power plant. Built in 1898–99, the first powerhouse is encased in bedrock 260 feet beneath the surface and was the world's first completely underground power plant. After operating for more than a century, the facility still produces environmentally friendly electricity for Puget Sound Energy customers.



Wow! All that activity has surely worked up an appetite. There is a wonderful restaurant, but that may be just too much. How about a few all-natural snacks to go. The Country Store has a wide choice of healthy snacks, most made right here in the Pacific Northwest by local entrepreneurs. Try a bag of jerky made from beef, chicken, or even fish. Or are mixed nuts and fruits more your style? There are plenty of those as well, along with honey sticks, crackers, and marmalades. Only the best of the Northwest here.



It's been a long day, so it's time to think about dinner. What could be better than a big pot of warm home-style soup? Try the Thorpellini brand. These soup mixes are all-natural and vegetarian or vegan.



Nothing goes better with soup than a biscuit. But wait, I did say it has been a long day and who has time to bake from scratch? While the soup is simmering, why not whip up some biscuits using Snoqualmie Falls Biscuit Mix.

Biscuits not your thing? Then try a box of sour cream muffin mix. Serve with some honey, jam, or marmalade.

After dinner, it's time for a movie and a treat. Start with a cup of the Country Store's delicious instant spicy chocolate cinnamon or some hot tea. They have a good selection of hot beverages.



What would a movie be without popcorn? Have some fun with all-natural Farmer's Popcorn, which is still on its own pop-able cob. Just microwave and enjoy.

While you're planning ahead, don't forget about breakfast tomorrow. How about some pancake mix? The Salish Lodge shares its special buttermilk pancake mix with the public. Serve with some warm blueberry or fig spreads.



One last thing. Looking for something special to take home for yourself or as a gift? There are many interesting products, such as apple chutney or huckleberry licorice. Or check out the many cookbooks; local cuisine by local chefs. Maybe you would like to plan a picnic; there is even a cookbook for that. For more about the Country Store or to order online, visit their website.




As you wander through Washington, a visit to Snoqualmie Falls is an experience you will remember for a long time.



Mary Frances lives in Ravensdale, Washington, and loves finding healthy ways to keep her castle clean. She believes that what we clean with can be just as important to our health as what we eat. When she's not cleaning, Mary Frances battles the blackberry vines in her yard. Also enjoy Mary Frances's blog, All American Gal.


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