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June 2009: The Square Foot Garden Grows

April 2009: Square Foot Gardening

February 2009: An Old-Fashioned Classic: Blueberries

January 2009: Invest Now for Spring Income

December 2008: Winter Wildcraft

November 2008: Beets in a Pot

October 2008: New Favorite: Plums

September 2008: Gourmet Garlic Goodness

July 2008: Starting Again with Mint

June 2008: Cold Spring: Plumper Cherries

May 2008: Local Food and Your Schools (.pdf file)

April 2008: Homegrown Daily Greens: An Experiment (.pdf file)

March 2008: Chocolate Gardening (.pdf file)


The Growing Gardener is Gina Renee Lozier, an enthusiastic student of horticulture and overall nature lover.


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