Welcome to the Parsonage Bed and Breakfast

To get here, you'll travel through the picturesque undulating hills of Washington State's southeastern region known as the Palouse. When you arrive at the Parsonage, a note greets you with: "Make yourself at home as if this were Grandma's place." You'll have the run of the house, so don't be shy about settling in.

With 3 bedrooms downstairs and 7 beds upstairs in the spacious attic, take your time choosing just the right spot to rest your head at day's end. But don't sleep in too long. An amazing farm-style breakfast (read: filling, creative, abundant, made with love) will greet you in the morning.

Located 1 mile south of Dusty, Washington, on Highway 127.

Here's a peek at what you'll find:


A comfortable bed awaits.


Relax inside ...


... or outside.


Enjoy the neighbors.


Up the road, visit the Country Bible Church.


In the morning, a more than adequate breakfast greets you.


Your hostess, Vicki Broeckel, will fix it any way you like.


Come back soon.

The Parsonage Bed and Breakfast
Vicki Broeckel, Innkeeper
(509) 549-3379
website: Dusty Parsonage


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